To awaken the hidden powers of the self and make them operative in life, the technique of the School consists of a special form of meditation. This meditation results in an intuitive insight that enables us to begin to see all things in their true perspective, and to understand the truths about life and the universe in a proper light. It further opens up a new way of thinking that gives life a correct direction, develops one’s character, and provides a healthy ideal. It creates enough sincerity of purpose to correct the distorted notions and misguided actions of our life. In short, it serves to build up a noble personality and to discipline and optimize our lives.

Everyone who values an empirically-based approach to inquiry, has a genuine yearning for knowledge, and wishes to understand the reality of life is invited to try our techniques. An individual’s adherence to any philosophical creed or religion is not important in this process. It is suggested that any person who is interested in our work should come and stay with us for at least one week, observe, and test our techniques. Only after close observation and through practical experience will a person be in a position to assess the true value of our work. However, those persons who are, at the moment, unable to undertake the journey to Delhi and stay at our School, can acquaint themselves with our techniques through correspondence. We shall send them instructions for their guidance.

The School does not aim at propounding or rationally explaining philosophical problems or theoretical creeds. It simply seeks to promote a Path purely of experience and actual practice.